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As a creator whose work is inspired by the Harry Potter books, a member of the LGBTQ community, and a Trans ally, I understand the conflict that comes from continuing to create Wizarding World content while 'She Who Must Not Be Named' continues to spread hate towards the trans community.


Let me make one thing clear. Transphobia has no place in this community

Trans women are women

Trans men are men

Non-binary people are valid

Their existence is not up for debate, now or ever, and those who do not identify as such have no right to define their experiences. 


JKR has done irreparable damage to her own reputation, and the foundations of Harry Potter but just because she planted a seed does not mean she owns the forest. 

The Harry Potter community - every one of you beautifully diverse witches and wizards - created the Wizarding World. 

We nurtured it. We watered it. We helped it grow. What’s left is the fruit of our labour and JKR’s comments can never take that away. 


I‘ve pondered many times whether I should carry on creating Harry Potter content but it’s this inspiring community that has kept me going. 

So with my platform (no matter how small), I’m determined to put it to good use. 


I'm proud to say that all YouTube ad revenue from My Harry Potter Kitchen will be donated to Trans inclusive charities. Indefinitely.

While I love what I do, I can't in good faith make money (no matter how loosely inspired) from a topic that causes so much hurt to the Trans and Non-binary community.

Many LGBTQ readers found comfort in the Wizarding World, so to help keep the magic alive, I want to channel my creativity into something that will make a difference to the lives of Trans people around the world.

This, of course, goes no way to repairing the damage that her words have done, but it’s a start. 

So with that, I’d like to introduce you to the My Harry Potter Kitchen: Patronus Fund.

My way, of deflecting hate, and baking the Wizarding World a better place.



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