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Mouldy Cartoon Cheesecake Recipe | The Deathday Party | My Harry Potter Kitchen II (Recipe 35)

Hello Witches, Wizards and Foodie Muggles!

Welcome back to another recipe from My Harry Potter Kitchen - the YouTube baking series where I'm reading the Wizarding World books and creating Harry Potter recipes every time we find an item of food and drink inside! Last week we created our own Harry Potter Homemade Haggis Recipe in the shape of lightning bolts, served with traditional Scottish Neeps and Tatties!

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This week we're transforming another popular dessert recipe into a spooky food illusion!

The Deathday Party is in full swing so let's head back into Chapter Eight of the Chamber of Secrets - 'The Deathday Party' for our next recipe:

"A slab of cheese covered in furry green mould..."

Looks like it's time for another spooky treat!

While many people enjoy mouldy cheese, I thought this week's recipe was the perfect opportunity for another food illusion - this time turning a popular dessert into a mouldy cartoon cheesecake!

This easy white chocolate cheesecake recipe only takes a few steps to create which mean you can spend more time decorating! I'll show you how to transform your cheesecake into a cartoon cheesecake complete with edible mould and gummy words. If you were looking for the perfect Halloween recipe for your party - look no further!

If you've been looking for an easy cheesecake recipe follow this simple step-by-step recipe to create your own homemade cartoon cheesecake with a spooky mouldy Halloween twist!

Harry Potter Cartoon Cheesecake Ingredients

(serves 8-12)

For the cartoon cheesecake filling recipe

  • 4 gelatin sheets

  • 45ml water

  • 150g white chocolate

  • 50g butter

  • 50g sugar

  • 600g cream cheese

  • 200ml double cream

  • yellow food colouring gel

For the cheesecake base recipe

  • 100g ginger biscuits

  • 50g butter (melted)

  • green food colouring gel

To decorate

  • gummy worms

Homemade Cartoon Cheesecake Method:

  1. For the cheesecake filling, begin by blooming the gelatin by placing the gelatin sheets and water into a bowl and leaving to one side for 5 minutes until they're nice and soft.

  2. Place a glass bowl over simmering water and add in your chocolate, stirring until completely melted and smooth. Place this to one side to cool.

  3. Return the bowl to the pan of water and add in the butter and sugar. Mix through until the sugar has completely dissolved and then add in the bloomed gelatin and water. Stir through until the gelatin has dissolved too.

  4. Add the cream cheese into a mixer and whisk until smooth while pouring in the cream a little at a time. Add in the chocolate and gelatin mixture and keep on whisking as the mixture thickens up. At this point you can use yellow food colouring gel to give your cheesecake a true cartoon cheese colour.

  5. For the biscuit base (which is going to be the mould in our cheesecake), add the ginger nut biscuits into a food processor and blitz until they form fine crumbs. Transfer into a bowl. Whisk some green food colouring gel into your melted butter and then pour into the biscuits, stirring through until you have your green 'mould' crumbs.

  6. To assemble the cheesecake, line the base of a 7" loose bottom tin and lightly grease the sides. Add in some cheesecake mixture and even out. Sprinkle over some of the green mould and then cover with more cheesecake filling to hide the mould inside. Repeat the process until all the mixture has been used, finishing with a layer of the cheesecake filling. (Wizard Tip! Leave a handful of biscuit crumbs for some final decoration)

  7. Use an offset spatula to level off the top and then place in the fridge to set for 3-4 hours (preferably overnight. Once set us a blowtorch to lightly warm the sides and then ease it out of the baking tin and onto a serving dish.

  8. Warm a spoon, melon baller or ice-cream in some hot water and then scoop our sporadic circles of cheesecake to create your cartoon cheese holes.

  9. Use some left over biscuits to place into the holes and around the board before adding gummy worms to make it look like they are crawling in and out of the cake.

  10. Return to the fridge until you're ready to serve, and enjoy within 3 days

And with that - our food illusion cheesecake is complete! With just a few simple steps, we've transformed an easy cheesecake recipe into a spooky work of art - perfect for Halloween!

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