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Harry Potter Cauldron Cakes Recipe | My Harry Potter Kitchen (Recipe #29)

Welcome back to another recipe from My Harry Potter Kitchen! This is the YouTube series where I'm baking my way through the Harry Potter books, whipping up magical recipes for every item of food and drink we find. Last week we created a Homemade Pumpkin Pasties Recipe

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The treats from the trolley just keep on coming in Chapter Six of the Philosopher's Stone - 'The Journey from Platform Nine and Three-Quarters'

"What she did have were... Cauldron Cakes"

This is quite the trolley fully of food! There are so many interpretations of the cauldron cake out there but I wanted to serve up my own twist on the famous treat!

This homemade cauldron cake recipe is made from moulded chocolate shells and filled with a flourless chocolate sponge, and a whipped chocolate cream. I've even finished it off with a two-tone buttercream icing for a magical flame effect!

Harry Potter Cauldron Cake Ingredients:

(makes 6 cauldron cakes)

For the chocolate shells

  • 100g dark chocolate

  • 50g red candy melts

  • 25g black candy melts

  • chocolate matchmakers

  • golden nugget sprinkles

For the chocolate sponge

  • 3 eggs

  • 75g golden caster sugar

  • ½ tsp vanilla

  • 25g cocoa

For the cream filling

  • 150ml double cream

  • 1 tbsp cocoa

  • ½ tbsp icing sugar

For the buttercream icing

  • 2oz butter

  • 4oz icing sugar

  • ½ tsp vanilla extra

  • ½ tbsp milk

  • red and yellow food colouring gel

Harry Potter Cauldron Cake Recipe Method:

  1. Melt half the milk chocolate in a bowl over simmering water and chop the remaining milk chocolate into small pieces. Remove the chocolate from the heat and stir in the rest of the milk chocolate until melted. Use a brush to cover the inside of a medium-sphere mould. Chill in the fridge until set and then coat with another layer.

  2. Repeat the process with the red candy melts (you don't need to split the mixture when melting) and coat the inside of small sphere moulds

  3. For the chocolate sponge separate the egg yolks from whites and add the yolks into a bowl with 50g of the sugar and your vanilla. Whisk until pale and fluffy. Fold in the cocoa

  4. Whisk the egg whites until they form soft peaks and then sprinkle over the remaining sugar. Whisk until it forms stiff peaks. Add a third of the egg whites in and loosen the mixture. Add the remaining egg whites and and slowly folk in being careful not to knock out too much air.

  5. Grease and line a baking tray and pour the cake mix in. Careful push into the corners to even out the mix. Bake at 180c for 10 minutes and then allow to cool.

  6. Prepare the chocolate cream by whisking the cream, cocoa and icing sugar until it forms soft peaks.

  7. Make the buttercream by beating the butter until soft. Add in half the icing sugar and beat until smooth. Add the remaining icing sugar and vanilla and then whisk through. Separate into two and then dye red and yellow. Pipe strips of the alternating coloured buttercream over the top of some cling film, roll into a sausage and then place into a piping bag with a star tip.

  8. Remove the cake from the tin and use a cookie cutter the size of the each chocolate sphere to cut of 6 circles of each.

  9. Pipe some cream into the bottom of the sphere and then stack layers of your smallest sponge circle, more cream and then the larger cake circle.

  10. Turn the red candy melt spheres onto your serving dish and place matchmakers around the sides to look like logs. Use some melted red candy melts to decorate the bottom of the large spheres as 'flames' and then stick onto the base.

  11. Use the two-tone buttercream to pipe on top of the cauldron cakes and sprinkle over your golden nugget sprinkles.

Careful! These cakes look so hot, you just might burn yourself

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