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Honeydukes Chocoballs Recipe | My Harry Potter Kitchen III (Recipe 24)

Welcome back to My Harry Potter Kitchen!

This is my wizarding World-inspired YouTube series where I'm baking my way through the Harry Potter books and using each item of food and drink mentioned to inspire a magical Harry Potter recipe! Last week we conjured up a fiery Honeydukes Pepper Imps Recipe!

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This week, our sweet adventure towards Honeydukes continues!

We're jumping straight back into Chapter Five of the Prisoner of Azkaban "The Dementor" for our next recipe:

"Great fat Chocoballs full of strawberry mousse and clotted cream"

Time to whip up another magical Harry Potter dessert recipe!

The quote for this week's Chocoball recipe is pretty descriptive so we know all of the components for this dessert - but the real magic will be constructing it into a chocolate sphere!

This easy Chocoballs recipe is inspired by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Made from a crisp, tempered chocolate shell and packed full of my freshly homemade strawberry mousse recipe, clotted cream and more. You can either seal this up into a complete 3D chocolate sphere or serve them as half-dome chocolate cups!

If you've been looking for an easy Honeydukes Chocoball recipe follow this simple step-by-step recipe to learn how to make homemade chocolate spheres filled with mousse and cream!

Honeydukes Chocoballs Recipe Ingredients

(makes 4-6 large spheres or 8-12 halves)

For the chocolate shells recipe:

  • 200g dark chocolate

For the strawberry mousse:

  • 100g fresh strawberries

  • 25g sugar

  • 125ml cream

To finish:

  • 6 tbsp clotted cream

  • 2-3 strawberries

  • 25g chocolate chips

  • sprinkles

  • mint leaves

Pepper Imps Method:

  1. To create the half-tempered chocolate shell, roughly chop half the chocolate and place in a bowl over simmering water, stirring until melted.

  2. Chop the remaining half into small chunks. Remove the melted chocolate from the heat and add in the remaining chocolate a handful at a time, stirring until completely melted. Carry on until all the chocolate is incorporated. (Wizard Tip! This process will gradually lower the temperature of your chocolate to help get a shiny finish and great snap!)

  3. Pour the melted chocolate into silicone mould spheres and swirl around to evenly coat the sides. Turn upside down over a wire rack and tray to let any excess drop down. Clean the edges and chill in the fridge until set. (Wizard Tip! For a thicker outer shell you can repeat the process with a second layer of chocolate)

  4. To make the fresh three ingredients strawberry mousse recipe, chop the strawberries into rough chunks and add into a food processor with the sugar. Blend until smooth.

  5. Whisk the double cream until it forms soft peaks and add in the puree. Continue whisking until it forms stiff peaks.

  6. Remove the chocolate shells from the moulds (and then place them back in for support. Fill the centre with spoonfuls of clotted cream, pipe in the strawberry mousse, and then add in any extra chocolate, chopped strawberries or candy.

  7. To serve as chocolate cups, garnish with mint and enjoy as they are

  8. To serve as full chocolate spheres, press two halves together and use melted chocolate to close the seam. Roll the seam over sprinkles to give it a decorative edge.

Which will you be tucking into? A full chocolate sphere or a chocolate cup filled with your mousse and cream?

Either way, it'll taste delicious - let me know what you think, and send in your photos, on Instagram with the hashtag #MyHPKitchen and tag me in them too - @BradBakes

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