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Harry Potter Knickerbocker Glory Recipe | My Harry Potter Kitchen (Recipe #9)

Welcome, Muggles! If you're hungry for some Harry Potter food ideas then you've come to the right place! My Harry Potter Kitchen is the YouTube series where I'm baking my way through the books making Harry Potter inspired food and drink every time an item is mentioned in the series. Last week we created some Homemade Lemon & Black Pepper Ice Lollies for Harry to enjoy at the Zoo

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This week's recipe from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is another frozen treat found in Chapter Two: The Vanishing Glass because apparently the last two weren't enough for Dudley

"Dudley had a tantrum because his Knickerbocker Glory wasn't big enough"

Two ice-creams in one day Dudley? It must be your birthday! That said the Knickerbocker Glory has got to be the ultimate Sundae to finish your birthday meal with. The traditional Knickerbocker Glory recipe is a dessert, served in a high glass with layers of ice-cream, whipped cream and fruit, but the best thing about a sundae is personalising it to your own tastes.

For this Harry Potter Knickerbocker Glory recipe, we're going to make four different ice-cream flavours, each inspired by a Hogwarts House to layer our sundae with. There'll be strawberry for Gryffindor, blackberry for Ravenclaw, mint choc chip for Slytherin and honey and ginger for Hufflepuff

Homemade Knickerbocker Glory Ingredients:

(makes 4-6 sundaes)

for the ice-creams

  • 500ml double cream

  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk

  • 1tsp vanilla extract

  • red, blue, green and yellow food colouring

  • 1 tsp strawberry flavouring

  • 50g tinned blackberries

  • 1tsp peppermint extract

  • 50g mint chocolate chips

  • 1/2 tbsp honey

  • 25g stem ginger

to decorate

  • 1tbsp fruit cocktail (per sundae)

  • strawberry sauce

  • squirty/whipped cream

  • sprinkles


  1. Make your ice-cream base by whisking the double cream until it forms soft peaks. Add in your condensed milk and vanilla extract and then continuing mixing until it for stiff peaks. Split the mixture into four bowls to make your Hogwarts inspired ice-cream flavours

  2. For a simple Gryffindor, strawberry ice-cream stir the strawberry extract into the cream. Spoon into some Tupperware, seal and freeze for 4 hours until set.

  3. For the blackberry, Ravenclaw ice-cream blend the blackberries in a food processor with 1 tbsp of the juice until smooth. Stir 1-2 tbsp of the puree into the cream and then place into your tub and freeze.

  4. For the Slytherin, mint chocolate chip ice-cream add your milk chocolate chips and peppermint extract into the cream and stir through - you can also add some optional food colouring to make it a vibrant green. Place into your tub and freeze.

  5. For the Hufflepuff, honey and ginger ice-cream slice your stem ginger into fine chunks and stir into the cream along with your honey. You can also use yellow food colouring for this flavour if you wish. Place this into the freezer too.

  6. Once all your ice-cream flavours are ready it's time to assemble. Place your fruit cocktail into the bottom of the glass trying not to get too much of the juice in.

  7. Place a scoop of each ice-cream flavour into your sundae glass (Wizard tip! Leave your ice-cream out for a few minutes, and place your scoop into hot water to help ease the ice-cream out of the tubs)

  8. Add on any additional toppings of your choice before finishing with whipped cream and sprinkles

The ultimate ice-cream sundae just got even better with a touch of magic! Why not create a whole range of Harry Potter ice-creams and then get a group round to create their own Knickerbocker Glory at home?

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