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Hogwarts House Crumpet Recipe | My Harry Potter Kitchen III (Recipe 16)

Welcome back to the Kitchen!

My Harry Potter Kitchen is the home of my Wizarding World inspired YouTube series where I'm reading the Harry Potter books and coming up with new Harry Potter recipes for each and every item of food and drink we find inside! Last week we brewed up a magical Butterbeer Jelly Beer Mug Recipe!

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This week, we've got another breakfast recipe with a Hogwarts House twist!

This week Harry Potter recipes can also be found in Chapter Three of the Prisoner of Azkaban "The Knight Bus" not long after our last, we see:

"Tom the innkeeper reappeared, wearing an apron over his nightshirt and bearing a tray of tea and crumpets"

We've already covered tea - so bring on the crumpets!

We originally tackled Crumpets during the Philosopher's Stone and served up some homemade Lightning Bolt Crumpet recipe - so this year we're adding a little Hogwarts House magic to take them to the next level!

This easy crumpet recipe is incredibly easy to make. The homemade crumpet batter only requires a few ingredients which you can then personalise with your choice of flavours! I've gone for a selection of fresh fruit that will add some Hogwarts inspired colours!

If you've been looking for an easy homemade crumpet recipe follow this simple step-by-step recipe to learn how to make homemade crumpets with fresh fruit!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Crumpet Recipe Ingredients

(makes approximately 12 crumpets

For the crumpet batter recipe:

  • 150 ml water

  • 150 ml milk

  • 1 tsp caster sugar

  • 14g fast-action dried yeast

  • 300g strong white bread flour

  • ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda

  • ½ tsp salt

For the Hogwarts House flavours:

  • 2 tbsp raspberry for Gryffindor

  • 2 tbsp blueberries for Ravenclaw

  • 1 tbsp honey for Hufflepuff

  • ½ kiwi for Slytherin

  • 100ml milk

  • oil for frying

  • butter or jam to serve

Hogwarts House Crumpet Recipe Method:

  1. To begin, make the crumpet batter by heating the water and milk together until lukewarm. Add in the sugar and yeast and whisk until dissolved. Set aside for 5 minutes until frothy (Wizard Tip! This is how you'll know the yeast has activated!)

  2. In a separate bowl combine the flour, salt and bicarbonate of soda. Mix until combined and then make a well in the middle.

  3. Pour the yeast mixture in and beat until you have a thick, smooth batter. Cover with cling film and allow to rise for 1 hour until doubled in size.

  4. Cut and puree your fruits in a blender just before the batter is ready.

  5. Stir the batter for 30 seconds to knock the air back and then split into four bowls. Flavour each with 1-2 tbsp of your fruit or honey (Wizard Tip! Be careful not to add too much otherwise your crumpets will sink)

  6. The batter should be the consistency of a thick pancake batter, if it's not, add a splash of milk and stir through until you do.

  7. Place a frying pan on a low heat and add a generous drizzle of oil. Add in your non-stick crumpet rings and brush with oil. Add 1-2 tbsp of batter in each (Wizard Tip! It should be runny enough to slowly spread to the edge of the ring without you stirring it - if not, add a little more milk before the next batch)

  8. Cook the crumpets for 5 minutes until bubbles begin to form and pop at the top. Remove the rings and flip the crumpets over, cooking for another minute.

  9. Place onto kitchen towel to drain off the excess oil. If making ahead of time, toast the crumpets for 30 seconds to 1 minute before serving with your favourite toppings of butter, jam or syrup.

Which Hogwarts House Crumpet is tickling your fancy?

Remember, if you can't decide - you can always make them all and let me know which is your favourite! I can't wait to see your photos - be sure to send them throuhg on Instagram with the hashtag #MyHPKitchen and tag me in them too - @BradBakes

I can't wait to see them!

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