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Harry Potter Liquorice Wand Recipe | My Harry Potter Kitchen (Recipe #30)

Welcome back to another recipe from My Harry Potter Kitchen! This is the YouTube series where I'm baking my way through the Harry Potter books, whipping up magical recipes for every item of food and drink we find. Last week we created some Homemade Cauldron Cakes from chocolate and cake!

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Our final recipe from the trolley can be found in Chapter Six of the Philosopher's Stone - 'The Journey from Platform Nine and Three-Quarters'

"What she did have were... Liquorice Wands"

The wand choose the wizard, and now you can eat them too! I'd never made liquorice before but I was definitely up for this magical challenge!

This easy liquorice wand recipe includes steps on how to make your own silicone mould before conjuring up your quick liquorice mix to pour inside. Moulds are a great way to get a consistent finish each and every time so you can create a magical production line to create liquorice wands in a range of colours and flavours!

Homemade Liquorice Wand Ingredients:

(makes 1 large liquorice wand)

  • silicone mould making kit

  • a wand

For each liquorice wand

  • 25g water

  • 3 gelatine leaves

  • 30g sugar

  • 1 tbsp black treacle (or golden syrup for lighter colours)

  • pinch of salt

  • ¼ tsp star anise oil (or another flavouring)

  • 25g strong white bread flour

  • food colouring gel

Harry Potter Liquorice Wand Recipe Method:

  1. Prepare you silicone mould container (a long thin rectangular box works best) and use tap or blu-tac to stick your want to the bottom.

  2. Prepare your silicone mix (my kit came with a base and catalyst to mix together but you can find varieties in powder form too - follow the instructions on your kit before proceeding).

  3. Once your silicone mix is ready use a paintbrush to cover the wand ensuring you get into all the grooves (this will help ensure the detail stands out).

  4. Pour the remaining silicone over the top of the wand until covered. Leave in a cool dry place to set for 4 hours.

  5. Once firm, remove the silicone from the box and cut out the wand, trimming off any uneven parts around the cavity.

  6. To prepare your liquorice mixture place the water and gelatine leaves into a pan and leave to bloom. Heat on a low heat until melted and then add in the sugar, treacle (or golden syrup) salt and star anise oil (or other flavouring of your choice). You can also add in any food colouring at this point.

  7. Stir until well-combined and then bring to the boil. Once bubbling add in your flour and beat until smooth. Continue to heat until bubbles begin to form.

  8. Working quickly, pour the mixture into the silicone mould and press down with an oiled knife to remove any air bubbles. Place into the fridge for 30 minutes until firm.

  9. Remove from the mould and then you can reuse it to create another wand in a different colour or flavour.

`Which liquorice wand colour and flavour combination are you going to go for?

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