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Homemade Mint Humbug Recipe | My Harry Potter Kitchen (Recipe #18)

Hello and welcome back to My Harry Potter Kitchen - the YouTube baking series where I'm reading through the Harry Potter books and creating Harry Potter recipes for every item of food and drink inside! Last week we created Hagrid's homemade sausage recipe.

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This week we're moving on to Chapter Five of the Philosopher's Stone - 'Diagon Alley'

"Hagrid's coat seemed to be made with nothing but pockets - bunches of keys, slug pellets, balls of string, mint humbugs"

Bah Humbug! This week we've got a sweet treat that are very popular for road trips in Britain - Mint Humbugs! No wonder Hagrid's pockets were full of them.

If you've ever wondered how to make mint humbugs, this homemade hard candy recipe is a great place to start. My easy mint humbug recipe will show you how to make sugar syrup and then colour and shape it into the popular Wizarding World sweets!

Homemade Mint Humbug Recipe Ingredients:

(makes 20-30 sweets)

  • 400g sugar

  • ½ tsp cream of tartar

  • 160ml water

  • 1 ½ tsp peppermint extract

  • black food colouring gel

Homemade Mint Humbug Method:

  1. Place a heavy-bottom saucepan on a high heat before pouring in your sugar, cream of tartar, water and peppermint extract.

  2. Swirl the pan until the sugar has dissolved (Wizard Tip! Try not to over-mix otherwise sugar crystals will form and spoil the texture of your sweets). Place a sugar thermometer in and heat until the mixture reaches the 'Hard Ball' stage at 130c (260F).

  3. As soon as the sugar reaches temperature remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly for 1-2 minutes

  4. The mixture should have thickened slightly allowing you to pour the mixture onto a silicone mat. (Wizard Tip! If you want to make two-tone humbugs, pour into two puddles and add a few drops of black food colouring gel to one half)

  5. Use a metal spatula to fold the outside of each sugar puddle into the centre and repeat until it forms a firm ball.

  6. Using heat proof gloves, work each ball of candy, pulling and stretching it to incorporate air and it thickens up. You should notice the white candy mixture go cloudy and opaque.

  7. After 3-5 minutes the candy should be firm enough that it holds its shape when left on the mat. Roll each colour out to a thin sausage and then marble the two colours together.

  8. Continue rolling the combined humbug mixture and then use scissors to cut and mould into your desired shape (Wizard Tip! Grease the scissors with oil to prevent them sticking)

  9. Mould the cut humbugs into your desired shape and then allow to cool completely. Once hardened you can wrap them in wax paper or cellophane and store in an air-tight jar.

And with that our homemade mint humbug recipe is complete! These magical sweets are the perfect treat for your next Harry Potter party or after dinner mint. If you're thinking of recreating this Harry Potter recipe then make sure you let me know what you think! Follow me on Instagram and share your pictures with the hashtag #MyHarryPotterKitchen - I'd love to see them!

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