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Harry Potter Shrinking Potion Recipe | My Harry Potter Kitchen III (Recipe 1)

Hello Witches, Wizards - and those who have just escaped from Azkaban!

Welcome back to a brand new series of My Harry Potter Kitchen! My HP Kitchen is the YouTube series where I'm baking my way through the Wizarding World creating recipes for every item of food and drink featured in the books!

So far we've completed 64 recipes from the Philosopher's Stone and 54 recipes from the Chamber of Secrets but it's officially time to dive in to the Prisoner of Azkaban!

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With that - let's jump into the Prisoner of Azkaban for our first recipe - a little potion practice for Professor Snape!

We don't have to look far into Chapter One - "Owl Post" for our first recipe:

"One of the essays, a particularly nasty one about Shrinking Potions, was for Harry's least favourite teacher, Professor Snape"

This Harry Potter potion recipe is super easy to make, tastes amazing and contains magical properties!

We tackled quite a few potions last year, but Shrinking Potions are brand new for the kitchen so this one is inspired by the ingredients we hear about later in the book - roots, shrivelfigs and leeches!

This easy Harry Potter Shrinking Potion recipe only takes a few minutes to prepare but tastes more magical than one brewed by Snape himself! Infused with ginger (roots), (shrivel) figs and "leeches" made from prunes and blood orange juice this potion recipe is packed full of flavour, and provides a healthy vitamin kick!

If you've been looking for an easy Harry Potter potion recipe, follow this simple step-by-step recipe to learn how to make your own Shrinking Potion to impress Professor Snape!

Harry Potter Shrinking Potion Recipe Ingredients

(makes 800ml 4 x 200ml servings)

  • 2 inch (40g) ginger root

  • 3-4 figs

  • 1 lime

  • 100g prunes (in syrup)

  • blood orange juice

  • 300ml ginger ale

Shrivel Potion Juice Recipe Method:

  1. To begin you want to prepare your potion ingredients by washing the ginger, peeling it and then slicing thinly.

  2. Cut the figs in half and scoop out the inside before transferring to a bowl

  3. Remove the prunes from their syrup, cut in half and removes the pips.

  4. Cut the lime in half out squeeze the juice out (Wizard Tip! Roll your lime on the worktop before cutting to help release the juice)

  5. Place pan (or cauldron) on a medium heat before adding in the lime juice, ginger and fig centres. Stir as the mixture begins to bubble and cook for 2-3 minutes until the ginger and figs have started to soften.

  6. Add the prunes into the pan and mix well. Shake the blood orange well before adding into the pan and stirring through. Heat the potion gently until it begins to boil. Turn the heat down to a simmer, place a lid on top (leaving a slight gap so it doesn't bubble over) and allow to brew for 10 minutes. (Wizard Tip! Taste the potion at this stage and add additional syrup for a sweeter taste, or lime for a sharper twist)

  7. Allow the potion to cool slightly before transferring into a blender and blitzing until smooth. Pass through a sieve to remove the seeds and allow to cool before bottling. (This potion will keep fresh in the fridge for up to 3 days)

  8. The potion is best served cold so once chilled, fill your glasses half way with the potion base and pour the ginger ale directly on top from a height so it bubbles up to bring your potion to life!

So there you have it! Our first recipe from the Prisoner of Azkaban is ready to wow your guests at your next Harry Potter dinner party (or yourself as a morning ginger shot!)

I hope you enjoyed this potion recipe and are looking forward to the rest of Year Three!

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