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Honeydukes Sugar Quills Recipe | My Harry Potter Kitchen III (Recipe 25)

Welcome back Foodie Witches & Wizards!

My Harry Potter Kitchen is home to the most magical Harry Potter recipes inspired by the Wizarding World series. I'm reading my way through the books conjuring up recipes for each and every item of food and drink we find inside! Last week we served up Chocoballs inspired by the Honeydukes dessert!

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This week, we've got another Honeydukes recipe fresh out of the sweetshop!

Let's jump back into Chapter Four of the Prisoner of Azkaban "The Dementor" for our next recipe:

"Sugar Quills which you can suck in class"

Better not let McGonagall catch you!

The famous Sugar Quills can be found at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Parks and the Studio Tour - but have you ever wondered how they're made?

This easy Sugar Quills recipe only needs a few ingredients and can be personalised with your favourite colours and flavours to create a magical hard candy - just like the ones you can find at Honeydukes!

If you've been looking for an easy Sugar Quills recipe follow this simple step-by-step recipe to learn how to make homemade Sugar Quills in Hogwarts House colours!

Honeydukes Sugar Quills Ingredients

(makes 4 large sugar quills)

For the sugar quill base recipe:

  • 4 tbsp water

  • 200g sugar

  • 4 tbsp glucose

For the Hogwarts House inspired flavours:

  • red, blue, green, yellow food colouring gel

  • 1/2 tsp strawberry flavouring

  • 1/2 tsp orange flavouring

  • 1/2 tsp lemon flavouring

  • 1/2 tsp vanilla flavouring

  • (optional) edible silver paint and edible glitter spray

Homemade Sugar Quills Recipe Method:

  1. To begin you want to make your boiled sugar base by heating the water, sugar and glucose, in a heavy pan, on a medium heat until it reaches the hard crack stage at 310 F. (Wizard Tip! Warm the glucose syrup in the microwave to help measure and pour it more easily)

  2. As soon as the mixture hits temperature, remove the sugar thermometer and divide it into four heatproof bowls or jugs.

  3. Add in a few drops of food colouring into each one, along with your chosen flavourings. Work quickly to stir and combine them through (Wizard Tip! If they thicken too quickly, reheat the sugar syrup for a few seconds in the microwave)

  4. Slowly pour the sugar into silicone moulds (in the shape of a quill or feather) and allow to cool for 5 minutes before placing into the fridge to finishing setting.

  5. Gently remove the sugar quills from the mould, being careful not to snap them.

  6. For a magical effect use edible silver paint to create a tip at the end of the quill, and dust the top of the feather with more edible glitter spray.

  7. Once dry, wrap individually in plastic wrap or enjoy straight away!

Told you they were easy!

I'd love to hear (and see!) which colour and flavour combinations you'd go for! If you recreate these Honeydukes Sugar Quills, send in your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #MyHPKitchen and tag me in them too - @BradBakes

I can't wait to see them!

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